Many come to the United States in search of a better life after years of withstanding civil war, torture, economic deprivation, abuse or domestic violence. Often the only thing they bring with them is hope. Feeling frightened and confused, these new arrivals to Washington State are unsure where to turn to for help.

NWIRP's legal services are critical to helping thousands of immigrants and refugees in Washington State navigate the complexities of the United States immigration system so they can apply for asylum or other forms of relief from removal. Without appropriate legal assistance, the men, women and children served by NWIRP may be less likely to obtain legal immigration status, and more likely to be returned to a country where they face ill treatment, torture, or even death.

Access to NWIRP's services can also be a major factor in providing economic and personal security. Without legal support, our clients are often unable to access medical assistance, housing or other basic services, and many of them are afraid to call the police for protection from domestic violence or other crimes.

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