Get to Know Anderson

Anderson and Lindsasy


I am from Honduras. There was a lot of violence where I grew up which made my childhood very difficult. I wanted a better chance at life and more opportunities, so I made the long journey by myself as a 17-year-old.

In Mexico, I was forced to work for months before I was able to finally try and cross the U.S. border. At the border in Texas, I was apprehended by a border patrol agent who treated me like a criminal instead of a kid.

Finally, I made it to my cousin’s in Washington, where I met Lindsay, my attorney at Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. She was an excellent lawyer and a gift from God. She helped my cousin file paperwork to become my legal guardian. At my court date in front of the judge, I was nervous but Lindsay helped me through it.

Thanks to NWIRP, I have a green card, a legal guardian, and the opportunities I’ve always wanted.  I am currently in high school and I play on our school’s soccer team. After I finish my classes, I want to become a pilot. But for now, I’m just happy to be living safely in the United States.


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