Make a Gift that Will Help Clients Like Vu

Vu and Tim and Intern Rachel


Like millions before them, the immigrants who walk through the doors of Northwest Immigrant Rights Project have crossed mountains and valleys, whole seas and entire continents, in a hopeful search for a better life. They come from 168 different countries, speaking 74 different languages. But arrival in the United States doesn’t mean their struggles are over.


After an arduous journey, navigating the immigration laws of this country is another obstacle NWIRP’s clients must endure. The wheels of the US immigration system move slowly, which means that whenever we take a case, we commit to walking alongside that client for many years to come. Most asylum cases take years to resolve – and that’s when everything goes well!


Without support from people like you, we wouldn’t have the staff necessary to see all our cases through to the end. Cases like Vu’s. This summer, after three-and-a-half years in immigration detention, NWIRP client Vu Nguyen was finally released.


Vu has lived in the United States for nearly 20 years after coming as a child with his mother and sister from Vietnam. Despite being a green card holder, a small business owner, and a dedicated father, ICE detained Vu and began a deportation case against him in 2015 due to a past conviction for drug possession – a conviction for which he had already served his time years before. Vu was determined to get back to his business and family and our attorneys were determined to help him!


We appealed his case, first to the Board of Immigration Appeals and then all the way up to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. And finally, in the summer of 2019, Vu not only won his appeal and was released, but helped establish precedent that will protect community members like him in the future. Now, Vu is back in Olympia, working at his small family business, taking care of his children, and assisting his mother.


Without your help, members of our community like Vu would face intimidating immigration courts alone, without the aid of counsel. And, without representation in immigration court, people like Vu are six times less likely to be able to succeed in their cases. You make it possible for us to walk alongside our clients on the difficult path to safety in the United States.


Your gift today means NWIRP can continue welcoming and committing to the immigrants who walk through our doors, now and into the future, no matter where they came from or how little money they have. Because of you, we’ll be there to help keep families together, protect people from violence, and open up new possibilities for their future. Thank you.


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