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Eduardo and Yesenia


During this pivotal time, will you make a gift to protect immigrants?

For over three decades, NWIRP has kept families together, protected people from violence, and provided new opportunities in work and education. But the forces against us have never been greater.

The incoming Presidential Administration is touting immigration policies that if unchallenged would tear parents and children apart, endanger asylum seekers, and put an end to the dreams of young people.

Your gift to NWIRP will ensure that our immigrant neighbors have access to life-saving legal representation.

I wish you could have been in our office the morning after the election. The phone was ringing off the hook with calls from people terrified about the future. One of our clients asked “what will happen now? Will I be deported? Will I ever see my parents again?”

We don’t yet know the full consequences of a Trump Administration. He has of course based much of his campaign on dangerous promises: to build a wall on the southern border; to round up, imprison, and deport millions of undocumented immigrants; and to end the DACA program.

The DACA program, launched in 2012, provides temporary protection from deportation and work permits to “dreamers” – undocumented youth who came to the United States at an early age and have deep ties to the community.

NWIRP has helped 4,000 of them secure DACA protection. Now, they are fearful about their future. Trusting our government, they supplied authorities with their names and addresses in order to receive DACA.

Now, they are terrified the new administration may use that information not only against them, but also against their family members. Many are already looking to NWIRP for legal guidance to prevent their lives from being uprooted.

Will you make a gift that can provide them with vital legal guidance?

Another likely outcome of the Trump Administration is the exponential increase in local immigrants being placed in deportation proceedings, with many of them locked up, often for months, in the detention center in Tacoma.

Many of our clients know how awful the detention center can be from first-hand experience.

Clients like Eduardo.

An immigrant who escaped terrible abuse in Mexico and built a life for himself and his family in Walla Walla, Eduardo was taken to the detention center and faced deportation after being jailed for driving without a license. He talked about the detention center this way:

“Everyone around me was hopeless. It made me so angry that these people were stuck, unable to be with their families, their lives reduced to a boring, daily routine. Plus, the food is awful. There is nothing healthy. Sometimes all you’d get was a cold bologna sandwich with a piece of celery to eat.”

He knew he’d need a lawyer if he was going to have a shot at getting out of the detention center without being deported.
That’s when he found NWIRP.

NWIRP ran a Legal Orientation Program at the detention center and Eduardo attended one of our education sessions where he was referred to Meghan Casey, a NWIRP staff attorney. Meghan hit the ground running on his case. When Eduardo saw the type of lawyer Meghan was, he had this to say

“I knew it was a special organization. After feeling so isolated at the detention center, it was incredible to have NWIRP treat me like a friend, like a family member.”

Meghan was able to help Eduardo get out of the detention center on bond, and then helped him through his court hearings. And just two months ago, she secured Eduardo a victory in court that means he will be able to safely stay in Walla Walla with his family.

“I can honestly say that NWIRP saved my life. Without their help I probably would have given up. Without representation I would have lost hope and ended up back in Mexico. But because NWIRP is an organization that walks alongside of immigrants, I am here today.”

Will you make a gift to Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and continue to help immigrants like Eduardo?

While this is a time of great uncertainty, NWIRP’s mission will never waiver. Every day, we work to defend and advance the rights of immigrants. And with your help, we can meet that need more powerfully than ever.


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