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Workshop in Granger Confronts Immigrants’ Fear Amid Trump’s Rise to Power

Laura Contreras, directing attorney in NWIRP's Granger office, led a workshop Saturday in Lower Yakima Valley city addressing immigrants’ fears, acknowledged that uncertainty over future policy still reigns. Uncertainty should not prevent undocumented immigrants from acting now, so they have plans in place in the event of detention or deportation, she said.

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Westneat: Engines of Civil Opposition Got Revved Up Immediately

In past two weeks, NWIRP's donor list has shot up 50 percent, from about 600 donors through the first 10 months of the year to 925. Executive Director Jorge Barón says about two dozen attorneys also offered pro bono help for what is expected to be a surge of deportation cases under a President Trump administration.

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Rally at Seattle City Hall: ‘This City Has Been and Will Be a Welcoming City’

On November 9, elected officials and members of NWIRP gathered at Seattle City Hall to speak to members of the local community. Speaking to immigrant, American Muslim, and queer communities, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said: “This city has been and will be a welcoming city. This city will remain a sanctuary city.”

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What Does it Mean for Seattle to be a Sanctuary City for Immigrants?

Mayor Ed Murray says Seattle will remain what some call a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants, despite President-elect Donald Trump’s threats. The Seattle Times answers some questions about the issue, with insight from NWIRP.

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Seattle Is a Literal Refuge for Young, Working Immigrants Suddenly Facing the Risk of Deportation

Twenty-two-year-old Dulce Sigüenza, a staff member at NWIRP, shares her immigration story with The Stranger and explains the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

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Immigrant Students Worry Trump Will End ‘Dreamer’ Program

Donald Trump’s election could have dire consequences for “Dreamers,” undocumented immigrants brought here as children. With Trump threatening to end the program that allows them to stay legally in the U.S., some feel shock, fear and an urgent desire to make themselves known. Incuded in these is Dulce Sigüenza, who works at NWIRP.

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U.S. Appeals Court Rejects Class Action Lawsuit Filed By Immigrant Kids

Two years ago, a group of minors represented by NWIRP and ACLU Seattle filed a lawsuit arguing that the government should provide them with court-appointed lawyers. Today, a federal appeals court panel in Seattle has ruled that immigrant children under the threat of deportation may not sue the government for legal representation as part of a class action. The ruling is a significant setback for the legal rights of immigrant minors. 

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NW Immigrant-Rights Group Sues on Behalf of 80 Detainees in Tacoma Seeking Asylum

NWIRP is suing on behalf of more than 80 detainees at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, saying they’ve been improperly denied bail hearings pending determinations on whether they should be granted asylum.

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Asylum Seekers Bring Lawsuit Against DHS

Refugees wishing to remain lawfully in the U.S. have filed a class action lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security for allegedly failing to tell them when the deadline was for filing asylum applications.

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Daily Caller

Lawsuit Seeks To Grant Due Process To Migrant Children

A federal court gave class action status Monday to a lawsuit suing for Fifth Amendment protections for immigrant children. The lawsuit, J.E.F.M v Lynch, claims the federal government should give children facing deportation hearings in immigration courts a lawyer.

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Fox News Latino

Thousands of Immigrant Kids Added to Class-Action Lawsuit over Right to Counsel

Thousands of unaccompanied immigrant minors facing possible deportation will be swept into class-action status in a lawsuit filed by Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and partners arguing that they are entitled to have attorneys during court hearings.

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“Think Out Loud” Interview with Legal Director Matt Adams

Oregon Public Broadcasting's Think Out Loud interviewed Legal Director Matt Adams about our ongoing lawsuit to require the government to provide attorneys for children facing deportation

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Top Appeals Court to Take Up Landmark Child Migrant Case

A landmark child migrant case comes before the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals next week in Seattle, where a three-judge panel will hear oral arguments as to the right of juveniles to an attorney in deportation proceedings.

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Eli Tinoco

Seattle Area Immigrants: “We’ll Keep Fighting”

Immigrants and advocates around the Seattle area say their fight is far from over. The recent Supreme Court ruling is a setback, they say, and also a catalyst to focus on the presidential election. 

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Judge in Seattle Orders Somali Teen Returned to Foster Family

Instead of protecting unaccompanied children, ICE continues to target them.  

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Seattle trial to impact deportation cases of thousands of immigrant children

A class-action lawsuit over the rights of children facing deportation will go to trial, says a federal judge in Seattle, who rejected the Obama administration’s effort to dismiss the case.


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How immigration reform would help unlock human potential

This inspirational story of Ilse Montes De Oca proves the DACA reform incited by President Obama in 2014 has and will continue to change the lives of immigrants all over the country.

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Kids Face Deportation Without An Attorney In Immigration Court

The central question is whether children who face deportation should be entitled to government-appointed attorneys.

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Fox News Latino

U.S. lawyer charged with forging document, depriving immigrant rights

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement attorney was charged Wednesday after authorities say he forged a document to make it look like a Mexican citizen who wanted to stay in the United State was not eligible to do so.

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Seattle PI

Seattle ICE prosecutor lied to force man’s deportation

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement attorney accused of lying to violate the civil rights of a Seattle-area father facing deportation has been criminally charged.

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Must We Have 10 More Years of Immigrant Detention on the Tideflats?

Will the GEO Group be detaining people caught on the wrong side of our country’s misguided immigration policy at the Northwest Detention Center for the next decade? 

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USA Today

Forest Service Discrimination Prompts Tracking of Stops

 An pattern of discrimination by the U.S. Forest Service in 2011 concluded this month with the introduction of a nationwide policy requiring officers to collect race data at traffic stops.

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Madison House

NBC Right Now News: Yakima Students Receive Support Navigating Immigration Policies

NBC's central Washington stations KNDO 23 and KNDU 25 highlight the work of our partners at Madison House Youth Center, who help Yakima students apply for DACA. 

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Asian Weekly

Asian Weekly: Helping Historically Hidden Communities

Three years after the start of Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA), a federal program which provides certain undocumented immigrants protection from deportation, a social security number, a work permit, and other benefits, enrollment of eligible Asians and Pacific Islanders continue to be dis-proportionally low.


The Inquirer: Feds Urge Immigrant Victims of Scams to Speak Out

In Yakima Valley notario publicos – which are mostly unlicensed immigration assistants – have been targeting farm workers seeking citizenship. 


Seattle Weekly: A Federal Ruling and New Leadership Moves Border Patrol Away From Racial Profiling

Last month a court ordered that Latinos and other immigrants can’t be stopped and interrogated at random. And, surprisingly, the Border Patrol isn’t crying foul.


NPR: Immigrant-Rights Activists In Seattle Claim Victory In Child Deportation Case

A federal judge in Seattle has given immigrant advocates a victory, allowing a challenge to move forward against the Obama Administration's deportation of minors. 


The Seattle Times: Many immigrants may be released without bond after judge’s ruling

A Seattle federal judge orders the DOJ to obey a law allowing immigrant detainees to be released on their own recognizance while their cases work through the system. 


Politico: Court Win for Immigrant-Rights Attorneys

Immigrant rights attorneys won an important round in federal court in Seattle, keeping alive their lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration's decision to rush thousands of children into deportation proceedings without legal council. 

The Columbian

The Columbian: REAL ID compliance difficult for lawmakers

As a key legislative deadline approaches, efforts to bring Washington state into compliance with tougher federal requirements for proof of U.S. residency for driver’s licenses don't have support.


KOMO News: Lawmakers struggle to move forward on REAL ID compliance

The law, which has had several implementation delays, has started restricting access to some facilities.



Seattle Non-Profit Fights for Lawyers for Child Immigrants

KING 5: The immigration crisis on the U.S. border just got personal for a non-profit based in Seattle. 

JJIE: Kids in Immigration Court with No Lawyers to Help

A coalition of civil rights groups filed a nationwide class-action suit last week alleging that putting children into immigration court without counsel violates both constitutional due-process rights and immigration law.


Seattle Weekly: Four Young Immigrants Await Their Fate in Seattle

When unaccompanied minors are caught crossing the border, they enter a byzantine judicial process alone.


The Wall Street Journal: Civil-Rights Groups File Class-Action Suit Against the U.S. Government

Suit faults U.S. for not providing representation to children facing deportation hearings.


Huffington Post: Civil Rights Groups Sue Government

Civil rights and immigration groups on Wednesday filed a class-action lawsuit against the federal government for failing to provide legal representation to thousands of minors in deportation proceedings. 


The Seattle Times: Counties in State Dropping Immigration Jail Holds

Counties in Washington will no longer detain immigrants who are eligible for release. 



The Seattle Times: Helping Immigrant Victims of Torture Heal in Puget Sound Region

Wasfi Rabaa and his wife, Azhar Khissaf, and their family are refugees from Iraq living in Covington.

PBS Frontline: Border Patrol Accused of Ongoing Abuses in Arizona

Border Patrol agents have pulled over Arizona residents, often U.S. citizens, and unlawfully searched their vehicles, used excessive force and engaged in other misconduct. 


ABS-CBN: Why Maltreated Filipina Can Sue Immigration Officers

A 63-year-old Filipina who suffered abuse at the hands of immigration officers at the Seattle International Airport can sue for either civil or criminal damages. 


Latin Times: Border Patrol Racial Profiling Lawsuit

The Border Patrol in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state has reached a settlement on a lawsuit filed by two immigrant advocate groups. 


Tickle the Wire: Border Patrol to Release 18 Months of Traffic Stop Records After Lawsuit

The U.S Border Patrol, as part of a lawsuit alleging the agency racially profiles people, has agreed to share records of each traffic stop in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula for 18 months. 


Washington Post: Immigrant Groups to Keep Eye on Border Patrol After Profiling Case Win

The agreement settles a lawsuit filed last year by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project against the Border Patrol. 


Reuters: Border Patrol Agrees to Officer Training in Washington Profiling Case

The U.S. Border Patrol will submit to outside scrutiny and retrain agents in Washington state's Olympic Peninsula in a settlement to a lawsuit accusing the agency of racial profiling in traffic stops. 


Northwest Public Radio: WA Law Enforcement Can’t Prolong Stops To Ask About Immigration Status

A court in Washington State has ruled that local law enforcement officers cannot prolong traffic stops and other detentions to ask people about their immigration status.  


The Seattle Times: Young Journalist Running from Pakistan’s ‘Dirty War’

Muatasim Qazi, a journalist from Balochistan, Pakistan, is seeking asylum in the U.S. The hearing for his second attempt is next week. 


ACLU: Class-Action Lawsuits Challenge Mandatory Detention of Immigrants

On any given day, thousands of men and women are put in detention. 


Q13 Fox: Measure Could Keep Some Undocumented Immigrants From Being Deported

The King County Council is considering a new ordinance that would protect certain immigrants from being held in jail solely for possible deportation by federal authorities. 

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The Stranger: A Blocked Path to Citizenship

How the GOP's immigration deal could exile a local gay couple. 

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Peninsula Daily News: Tentative Deal Reached on Border Patrol Lawsuit

The settlement is contingent on a final decision from the Justice Department, is expected by August 21st. 

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Real Change: King County’s Proposal to Hold Only Violent Criminals

The King County Council is considering a new ordinance that would end the practice of automatically complying with federal requests to hold suspected undocumented immigrants in jail.


KCCADV: NWIRP Action Alert, Protect Residents from Sweeping Deportations

After years of advocacy by NWIRP and our partners, we have a huge opportunity in King County to protect our residents against the harm of sweeping deportations.


KUOW: Facing Deportation, Washington Immigrants Face Long Holds

Forty-eight days: That’s the average time people who are suspected of immigration violations are held in detention in Washington state before they are released or deported.


Herald Net: Moscoso gets award for promoting rights of immigrants

Democratic 1st District state Rep. Luis Moscoso was honored last week for his efforts to help Washington state immigrants.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic: How Obama Could (but Probably Won’t) Stop Deporting Undocumented Immigrants Today

The government spends $5 billion a year detaining and deporting immigrants who may soon be eligible for amnesty over minor infractions. Why not just pardon them instead?


Tri-City Herald: Pasco Man Pleads Innocent to Bilking Immigrants

A Pasco man charged with taking money to do legal services for immigrants, but never doing the work, now faces a May 15 trial.

The Western News: Seattle Immigrant Groups File Lawsuits

Immigrant advocacy groups have filed nearly a dozen complaints and lawsuits against U.S. Customs and Border Protection across the country, claiming federal agents and officers mistreated and discriminated against illegal immigrants and U.S. citizens alike.

The National Law Journal

The National Law Journal: In Human Rights Suits, Activists Target Border Protection Agency

The suits allege that CBP agents "routinely disregard basic constitutional protections and the human rights of immigrants and U.S. citizens," as well as overstepping the boundaries of their authority.

USA Today

USA Today: Lawsuits Allege Abuse by Border Patrol Agents

Lawyer for immigrants says his clients suffered in a bed-less, toilet-less cell agents called the "icebox," with their fingers and lips turning blue and their skin cracking from the cold.

Seattle Weekly: Sequestration’s Upside: Feds Release Immigrants from Detention Centers

The prospect of sequestration has prompted the feds to start saving money by releasing several hundred immigrants who have been held in detention facilities across the country.


The Seattle Times: More Domestic-Violence Victims Are Seeking Asylum in Tacoma

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration and Services processes far more asylum requests, but its available data does not include requests from Central American women based on domestic violence.

The Atlantic: For Young Undocumented Immigrants, Social Security Cards Are Just a Small Step

They can get temporary work permits and even go to college. But it may be a while before the children of undocumented workers can make real lives for themselves in America.

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The Guardian: Obama’s Immigration Reform Plan, The Verdict

The president has seized on bipartisan support for a pathway to US citizenship. Our experts assess what he can get done.