Our Statement on the Supreme Court’s “Muslim Ban” Decision

The “Muslim ban” executive orders issued by the President earlier this year are contrary to American values of religious tolerance and inclusion.  We are pleased that the Supreme Court, like several other federal courts, has today rejected the President’s argument that his actions cannot be reviewed by the judiciary.


And we are heartened that many of the people originally affected by this discriminatory ban – those with strong ties to people or organizations in the United States – will continue to be able to re-unite with their families or pursue education or career opportunities in this country.


However, we are deeply concerned that thousands of others who do not have the privilege of strong ties to the United States – including refugees with compelling humanitarian needs or serious medical conditions who have already undergone an exhaustive process to enter the United States – will be subjected to a policy driven by religious intolerance, racial animus, and discrimination.  We are deeply disappointed that the Court has allowed any portion of this “Muslim ban” to move forward.


We at Northwest Immigrant Rights Project will continue to stand with all immigrants seeking the opportunity to attain dignity, justice, protection in the United States, no matter where they are from.