Our Week Fighting President Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ and More

Since President Trump announced new executive orders on immigration last week, NWIRP has sprung to action. With your support, we have secured the release of travelers at SeaTac airport who were facing deportation, challenged the legality of President Trump’s orders in court, led community education efforts across the State, and more.


We wanted to share a few ways your generosity is helping to defend and advance immigrant rights during these challenging days.


First, just this week, we took a giant legal stand against the Trump Administration’s unjust and inhumane immigration policies. On Monday, working with partners, we filed a nationwide, class-action lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration’s “Muslim Ban” executive order.


One of the plaintiffs in our lawsuit is Reema Dahman, a lawful permanent resident of the United States, who had gone through a long and arduous immigration process to re-unite with her 16-year-old son in Syria. Because of the ban, Reema’s son now remains stranded in war-torn Syria, rather than being able to re-unite with his mother in Seattle.


You can learn more about the lawsuit through Legal Director Matt Adams’ interview on Democracy Now! this morning, or through our plaintiff Reema’s interview on KING5 news last night.


Yesterday, we filed an additional lawsuit against the Trump Administration’s ban blocking Muslim immigrants lawfully living in the United States from becoming citizens, permanent residents, and asylees.


In addition to challenging President Trump’s policies, we had an eventful weekend at SeaTac airport rushing to assist travelers who were detained and about to be deported because of President Trump’s executive order. You can read about one of the clients we were able to help through this write-up in the Seattle Times.


Executive Director Jorge L. Barón with Mohammed, one of the clients we helped get released from detention at SeaTac


Lastly, we are continuing to host community education events across the state, ensuring that our community members know how to defend their rights and know what resources are available to them.


At this critical moment for immigrant rights, we are so grateful that you have joined us in the fight. Your support allows us to take quick and decisive action against injustice. We are honored to have you standing with us.