DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

Community Advisory Regarding the June 18th Supreme Court DACA Ruling

On June 18, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling in Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California that the Trump Administration’s decision to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was “arbitrary and capricious” as it did not follow the proper procedures, but recognized that the Administration could still move to terminate DACA. While we are awaiting the Administration’s next steps, we have prepared this community advisory for current and potential DACA recipients to address questions following the Court’s ruling.


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DACA Renewal Applications are Currently Being Accepted

USCIS is currently accepting DACA renewal applications, as well as applications from DACA eligible community members whose DACA status has expired (Here is a link to their announcement).


Free DACA Renewal Clinics

Because of the current COVID-19 health crisis we are unable to provide in-person clinics at this time. However, we are providing free virtual appointments for help with renewing your DACA application. Call 1-855-313-7326 to RSVP for one of these upcoming clinics.


Other Important Links

How to Complete a DACA Renewal - This video from the ILRC details how to complete a DACA renewal application packet by walking through the various forms’ questions to highlight what they mean and focus on areas worth paying close attention to.
June 25th update on the DACA program - NWIRP leadership put together a video Q&A on the current state of the DACA program and how NWIRP is helping support DACA recipients.
Immigrants Like Us - A 501(c)(3) nonprofit offering low-income immigrants free legal services for naturalization, family green card, and DACA renewal.

Centro Latino DACA Scholarships - Through a partnership with Graduate Tacoma, Pierce County Connected Joint Fund and Tacoma Probono, Centro Latino will administer the Esperanza DACA Renewal Scholarship, scholarship funds are on a first-come first-serve basis until funds run out. Deadline for applications is July 31st, 2020!
RAICES DACA Scholarships - RAICES wants to support our DACA community members by expanding the types of assistance they provide. You may be eligible to receive assistance with your DACA renewal fees. RAICES currently has a limited number of scholarships which will be awarded on a first come first served basis.
One America DACA Toolkit - Resources for DACA recipients from our partners at OneAmerica.
DACA Application Forms - A list of the forms required by USCIS in order to appply for DACA
State Financial Aid for Undocumented Immigrant Youth - from Ready Set Grad
Immigrants Rising Educational Resources - a list of educational resources from Immigrants Rising
City of Seattle DACA Resources - Several helpful resources from the City of Seattle.
DACA and Workplace Rights - from National Immigration Law Center
Understanding the Criminal Bars to Deferred Action - from Immigrant Legal Resource Center