Providing meaningful community education around immigration issues is an important part of NWIRP's mission.


Webinar Recordings


Immigration for Beginners - Learn the basics of the United States immigration system in this informative webinar.


Immigration for Beginners


Asylum for Beginners - Take a closer look at asylum in the United States: its history, how it works, and how it is under attack.


Asylum for Beginners


Immigration Detention in the PNW - A deep dive into the history of immigration detention and its impact on community members in our region.


Immigration Detention in the PNW


Training for Youth Service Provides with KIND - NWIRP and KIND discuss some of the immigration relief options for youth, public charge concerns, employment authorization, DACA, and other related topics impacting young immigrants in our community.


Training for Youth Services Providers


Supporter update on NWIRP's work in Eastern and North Central Washington - Featuring the Directing Attorney of our Wenatchee Office, Vanessa Gutierrez, and Deputy Director Malou Chavez, this webinar focuses on our clients’ resilience and how we are standing alongside them during this critical time.


Eastern and North Central Washington Webinar


Imagining the End of Deportation with Angélica Cházaro - In this conversation with Angélica Cházaro, University of Washington Law Professor, we examine both the history and politics of immigration detention and deportation in the United States with spirited discussion on how to dismantle these systems of injustice.


Watch the webinar


Intersections of immigration, gender, and survivors of violence with Grace Huang - Discussing the intersections of race, gender, and immigration for survivors of violence, and how NWIRP is fighting for a more just and equitable future for all community members.


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