The NWIRP “Share Your Story” Project

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The devastating covid-19 pandemic and powerful movement against anti-Black racism are creating enormous change within the United States and across the world. The process of documenting these changes and their effects has already begun, as local, regional, national, and international organizations work to collect and preserve experiences and artifacts for future generations. We have created the Share Your Story project with the goal of empowering NWIRP community members who want their experiences in these extraordinary times to be heard.

Below, you will find a variety of organizations that each take their own approach to story collection and preservation. They all share NWIRP’s essential values and are committed to telling immigrant stories.

As always, we strive to uphold and promote the values of dignity, fairness, solidarity, self-determination, safety, and inclusion in the work we do. In creating the Share Your Story partnerships below, our goal is to protect the safety of storytellers as they are given a space to tell their own stories to build a more diverse, fair, and accurate historical and media record for us all.


A Journal of the Plague Year

A team of historians and artists started A Journal of the Plague Year: An Archive of Covid-19 on March 13, two days after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic; We accept all sorts of materials into the digital archive, including textual stories and digital objects—images, video, tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram or Snapchat memes, PDFs, screenshots of the news and emails. We accept anything that describes the pandemic and speaks to paradoxes of the moment. Imagine, as we are, what future historians might need to write about and understand this historical moment.


Share Your Story


Tacoma Historical Society

In an effort to document the effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on our community, we are collecting diary entries from residents of Tacoma. How has COVID-19 influenced your life and that of the community in which we live?


Share Your Story



We reaffirm our commitment to the value of inclusion and our understanding of diversity as a source of strength. This project is about creating spaces to preserve and celebrate voices that are too often overlooked or excluded, and this includes voices left out from existing immigrant spaces and narratives. To our Black community members specifically, we stand with you in solidarity, value your experiences, and celebrate your contributions to immigrant communities and this project.