Fight Back Against The ‘Public Charge’ Attack on Immigrant Families

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What is “Public Charge”?

The public charge concept has been written in immigration law since the 19th century. It has been used as a reason to deny some people entry or green card status in the United States for a very long time.

However, for the last few decades, the public charge concept has been understood to apply only when people are entirely dependent on government assistance, especially on cash assistance programs. This narrow definition has limited the impact it has had on immigrants.

But the Trump Administration’s new proposal would significantly broaden the scope of this concept under immigration law. More specifically, the proposal would allow immigration officials to take into account the receipt of many government benefits that previously had not counted-potentially resulting in many more people not being able to access lawful permanent residence or other forms of immigration status.


How can you fight back?

On October 10th, the Department of Homeland Security officially published their proposal to change Public Charge regulations in the United States.

Even though this is currently just a proposal and months from taking effect, immigrants have been cancelling their enrollment in government programs out of fear that their involvement will ruin any chance of remaining in the United States.


Here’s how you can help!


The administration is required by law to review public comments on the proposed regulation for 60 days, through December 10th. Make your voice heard by posting a comment demanding a stop to this attack on families, communities, and children now.

Click here to access Protecting Immigrant Families’ action page where you can have your comment shared directly to the federal government at And please share the link far and wide with your networks!