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We help immigrants obtain United States Citizenship.

Immigrant Rights Include

The right to become a U.S. citizen after satisfying the requirements as a lawful permanent resident. In general, an immigrant can apply to become a U.S. citizen five years after they become a lawful permanent resident (or 3 years if they are married to a U.S. citizen). However, they must demonstrate that they have good moral character (no disqualifying criminal record), and that they can pass a test demonstrating an ability to read, write and speak in English, and a knowledge of the U.S. government (unless they qualify for a disability waiver). By becoming citizens persons can now fully participate in civic life, with the right to vote in federal, state and local elections. In addition, they have greater rights in filing petitions to reunite with family members. Finally, they are also secure from being deported.

NWIRP Protects Rights

Ivy's Story

America has always been my home. Because of NWIRP, I now have the paperwork to prove it.

When I got married my husband started drinking heavily. Our fights got unbearable, and I filed for divorce. My mother-in-law knew I wasn’t a citizen and used my status against me during our divorce proceedings. She told me she was going to have me deported.

The experience left me feeling vulnerable. I wanted to become a citizen, but I was worried I would fail the test because I have some very serious learning disabilities. But then I found out about NWIRP.

My case was taken on my Emily Headings, who was incredible. Anytime I had to go to the immigration office she came with me and made sure I was comfortable. She was amazing, I don’t know what I would have done without her.

I passed my test and received my citizenship, 65 years after coming to America!

All I can say is thank goodness for NWIRP. I am so glad they were there for me. After living my entire life in fear, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. America has always been my home. Because of NWIRP, I now have the paperwork to prove it.