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Help Host a Fundraiser for NWIRP

We are so grateful for this community's willingness to serve as ambassadors for our mission during this critical time for immigrant rights, helping to grow our base of supporters and continue our work of keeping families together, protecting people from violence, and challenging injustice. We've put together the following resource page for those interested in hosting their own fundraiser for Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.


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Advisory to Nonprofit Organizations and Social Service Providers Regarding Immigration Enforcement

Read our free resource for non-profit partners, social service providers and others on how they can protect their clients if immigration agents come to their building or otherwise tried to detain their clients.


Read Our Advisory


Immigration 101 Training Video

This free training video covers recent changes to immigration policy and how you can be a better ally for immigrants in our community and was recorded at the Seattle Central Library on September 21st, 2018. It is intended for social service providers who work with the immigrant community, but is a useful tool for anyone interested in learning more about basic immigration issues. We are also including the slides from the event as a downloadable PDF for anyone interested in using them to follow along with the video.


Watch the Video Access the Presentation Slides


Immigrant Child Advocacy Project

We may be able to provide legal representation to an undocumented minor who has been or is currently being abused or neglected by their parents, or who has been abandoned. If you are a caseworker, dependency attorney, school teacher, or someone who is working with a minor who may need legal help obtaining lawful immigration status, please fill out the Immigrant Child Advocacy Project form attached below and fax it to our office at (206) 587-4025.




Domestic Violence Advocates

We may be able to provide legal representation to immigrant survivors of domestic violence or violent crime. If you are a domestic violence advocate and have a client who needs legal assistance with an immigration matter, please call our Survivors of Violence and Other Crimes (VAWA) Unit Intake line at (206) 957-8621 (for our Seattle Office) or (509) 570-0054 (for our Wenatchee Office).

Service providers working with survivors of violence can also help us gather necessary information and/or provide advice to clients by reviewing some of the following materials:



A Guide for Educators of Immigrant and Refugee Children - Know the tools and resources available to protect immigrant youth and families from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Raid.

Counselors, Psychologists, and Psychotherapists

Vulnerable But Not Broken - The psychosocial challenges and resilience pathways among unaccompanied children from Central America.


For Immigrants and Community Members


Immigration Policy

Immigration Policy Center (“Issues” section has information regarding a range of specific issues on immigration policy and information to help dispel myths about immigration)

National Immigration Forum

Reform Immigration for America

American Immigration Lawyers Association (Some materials require membership, but many advocacy/information materials are open to public)

National Immigration Law Center (Particularly good information on public benefits and workers’ rights issues)

Legal Resources

Washington Law Help (Good resource for general information on a wide range of legal topics, not just immigration)

Northwest Justice Project (NJP provides free civil legal services to low-income people)

Columbia Legal Services (CLS provides free civil legal services to people who are low-income or have special legal needs throughout Washington State)

Immigrant Legal Resource Center (Resources aimed at both advocates and community members on topics ranging from immigration consequences of criminal convictions, U visas, others)

Washington Defender Association, Immigration Project (Information primarily intended for criminal defense attorneys seeking to understand immigration consequences of criminal convictions)

Immigration Law Help (Resource for identifying legal assistance in immigration matters around the country)

Guide to the Northwest Detention Center (Resource created by NWIRP for Detainees and their loved ones)

Private Attorney List

This list includes attorneys in Washington state who represent immigrants and detainees. Several of them speak multiple languages (included in the list are attorney officers who speak Spanish, Japanese, Russian, French, Korean, Portuguese, and German).

Access the list

Workers' Rights and Resources

Our colleagues at the National Employment Law Project and the National Immigration Legal Center have developed a guide for employers on how they can prepare and respond to immigration enforcement actions at their workplaces. This guide might be helpful for you as additional background on the types of immigration enforcement actions that may occur but could also be a resource for you to share with employers you are in contact with.


Fair Work Center - Fair Work Center provides the following support to workers: resources outlining employee rights in various languages; assistance navigating city, state, and federal government agencies; and free legal clinics for workers to seek advice about potential workplace violations.

National Employment Law Project

National Day Laborer Organizing Network

Free Cell Phone from Lifeline by Solid Ground - This pamphlet put together by Solid Ground in King County contains information about how low-income or DSHS qualified clients residing in Washington State can obtain a free cell phone.


Social Security Disability Benefits for Non-Citizens

How to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits if You are a Non-Citizen - Even though it’s a
program run by the United States government, Social Security benefits can be available to non-U.S. citizens. Learn how you can qualify with this blog post.


Government Websites

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR; information on immigration courts, Board of Immigration Appeals)