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Community Information

For Immigrants and Community Members

Like the rest of the community, we are concerned about ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We understand that many community members might have questions about how their immigration status might impact their ability to access medical care.

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Public Charge

NWIRP is deeply disappointed by the January 27th Supreme Court decision to allow the Trump Administration to implement its "public charge" rule while the legal cases against the rule continue in the federal courts. This rule places unfair barriers in the way of immigrant community members seeking to become lawful permanent residents or obtain certain other immigration statuses.

We appreciate that many community members will be concerned about what this ruling means for themselves and their families. We remind community members that our advice is for community members not to make decisions to drop or forgo public assistance or support because of this news until they have consulted with an immigration attorney about their individual situations.


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Community Advisories and FAQ Factsheets

Advisory regarding Social Security Administration's "No Match" Notices - The Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced that, starting in spring 2019, it will resume a practice discontinued in 2012 of sending “no match” notices to employers when the social security numbers they submitted as part of payroll records do not match SSA’s records. This policy has the potential to negatively impact immigrant and refugee workers as some employers may decide to fire workers after receiving such a notice, even though the notices explicitly tell them not to do so.

Asesoramiento sobre los avisos de "No coincidencia" de la Administración del Seguro Social - : La Administración del Seguro Social (SSA) ha anunciado que, a partir de la primavera del 2019, va reanudar una práctica descontinuada en el 2012 de enviar avisos de “no coincidencia” (“no match” letters) a los empleadores cuando los números del seguro social que presentaron como parte de los registros de nómina de sueldos no coinciden con los registros de la SSA. Esta política tiene el potencial para impactar negativamente a los trabajadores inmigrantes y refugiados ya que algunos empleadores pueden decidir despedir a los trabajadores después de recibir dicha notificación, a pesar de que las notificaciones explícitamente les dicen que no lo hagan.

노스 웨스트 이민자 권리 프로젝트-지역사회 자문 사회 보장국의 (불일치) 통보 - 사회보장국은 2019년 봄부터 2012년에 중단되었던 고용인들에게 보내는 “소셜시큐리티 번호 불일치” 통보시행을 다시 시작한다고 발표했다. 고용인에게 보내는 통보는 고용인이 제출한 소셜 씨큐리티 번호가 사회보장국이 가지고 있는 번호와 다를때에 보내지게 된다. 이 정책은 이민자 및 난민 피고용인들에게 부정적인 영향을 줄수 있는데, 왜냐하면, 그 통보는 분명히 그렇게 하지 말라고 하는데도 불구하고, 어떤 고용인들은 그 통보를 받은 후에 피고용인들을 해고하기로 결정하기 때문이다. Thank you to the Korean Community Service Center (KCSC) for translating this community advisory.