Public Charge


NWIRP is deeply disappointed by the January 27th Supreme Court decision to allow the Trump Administration to implement its "public charge" rule while the legal cases against the rule continue in the federal courts. This rule places unfair barriers in the way of immigrant community members seeking to become lawful permanent residents or obtain certain other immigration statuses.

We appreciate that many community members will be concerned about what this ruling means for themselves and their families. We remind community members that our advice is for community members not to make decisions to drop or forgo public assistance or support because of this news until they have consulted with an immigration attorney about their individual situations. We've recorded the following videos discussing this update in English and Spanish.


English Video Update Spanish Video Update


On February 24th, we partnered with the Seattle Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs to provide an overview of the immigration process and information about Public Charge for service providers. We've included links to the video and accompanying slideshow below.


Workshop Video Workshop Slideshow


Our partners at Protecting Immigrant Families have put together many important resources on public charge and we recommend you visit their site to learn more.


COVID-19 and Public Charge


COVID-19 Assistance and Public Charge FAQ for Immigrants from the Seattle Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Washington and local governments, including King County, have established rental assistance programs with the goal of supporting tenants who may not be able to make rental payments and to prevent evictions. Read our advisory regarding these assistance programs at the link below.


Read the Advisory